first BOTM and TA will start around christmas, loves.

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"you hear a lot of good, you hear a lot of bad. you just have to throw it all out and worry about who you are."

runs only when I have time to set it up. tagged as #queue on my wayward son
All spoilers are tagged as #spn spoilers and will be tagged for 48 hours after the episode airs
[x] live blogging this tuesday
[ ] not live blogging this tuesday
Winnie | 15 | Canadian | ISTP

My life consists of dean winchester realated break downs

Jensen Ackles in an actual angel and if you think otherwise, i shall sacrafice you to satan (◡‿◡✿)

hardcore Dean!girl. he's the love of my life.

* possibly the only one who actually likes demon!dean

if you're good at math hmu i need help. badly


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kay i only may be involved in one network but its bc i gave up ok im a giant, lazy asshole


all requests are closed until march 14, 2015. School is getting in the way of literally everything

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Oct 14th, 2014


♢ latest gifset posted august 16th
♢ current gifset in progress is of Dean Winchester
♢ lurrent graphic in progress is of Sam Winchester
♢ next creation scheduled to be realsed around christmas

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my hand slipped [insp]

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